Concrete Wire Cutting

Cutting steel, concrete, brick, granite, and stone in hard-to-reach areas.

Concrete wire sawing was created through great advances in diamond application technology. The steel braided wire is impregnated with small cutting diamonds similar to blades and bits used for cutting concrete. The wire is oriented in a looped fashion on the cutting plane. A hydraulic-driven wheel then forces the wire through the surface to be cut. The use of multiple pulleys allows the wire to cut any thickness at any angle, assuming there is access. The ideal applications include structures that are too thick or too large for conventional cutting means, tight areas, and submerged locations. Some examples include foundation concrete walls thicker than 30” that require openings, piers submerged in water, or large barrel chillers cut down for removal.

Planning, engineering, and creativity allow multiple cuts to happen simultaneously, which can reduce cutting time. Water is a necessary part of the process, keeping the cutting location cooled and any potential dust minimized. Rebar or other reinforcing is not an issue for the wire to cut.ential dust minimized. Rebar or other reinforcing is not an issue for the wire to cut although it increases the cutting time minimally.

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Concrete Wire Saw Cutting

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