Concrete Floor Burnishing / Sealing

Maintenance and Care Plan for your Polished Concrete Floors.

Have your polished concrete floors lost their shine? Concrete burnishing can make them “pop.” Foot traffic has a 400 to 500 grit abrasive impact. This will cause polished floors to dull. Burnishing is a noninvasive process that can be completed in an occupied facility.

Depending on the space and the floor, our team will clean the floor, apply the floor sealer and utilize a floor burnisher to seal the floor.

This process can be completed multiple times per year depending on the floor traffic. It may only be necessary to do it once a year, but it is highly recommended that you do have it completed in order to maintain your polished floor.

In addition, we recommend you clean your polished floors with a neutral cleaner so that you do not damage the polished surface. If you need a recommendation or a source for a polished concrete floor cleaner, please call us.