Concrete Demolition

Our team of operators are trained exclusively for concrete demolition and removal. 

Michigan Concrete’s Operators are experts at Concrete Demolition

Over the years, our customers have been requesting more full service concrete demolition. Although a large percentage of our concrete demolition customers ask us only to cut, we do provide concrete removal as an additional service for anyone.

We have a large number of tools that allow us to effectively remove, handle, and dispose of concrete walls, patios and floors. Our concrete demolition tools include a fleet of small electric forklifts that allow us to safely remove large cut pieces of concrete from enclosed structures where fumes and tight areas are issues.

If full disposal after a concrete demolition job is required, we will coordinate dumpster deliveries and disposal. We also have dump trailers where full size dumpsters may not be necessary. Portions of the removed concrete are recycled based on a number of factors directly related to the quality of concrete, steel embedded, and the size of pieces. We have been asked to handle crane operations, high security locations, and sensitive environmental concerns. If you have a problem, let us help.

Concrete slurry has become a large nuisance to contractors during the demolition phase. Plumbers and electricians do not like it in their cut trenches. Flooring contractors do not like to clean it up in order to lay flooring. We are equipped to work with you to remove slurry at a reasonable price and dispose of the concrete slurry properly. We can provide man power to operate our barrel vacuums, or we can provide barrel vacuums for your people to use while we cut. Our vacuum truck is capable of handling hundreds of gallons. Disposal can be on your site if your site allows or the slurry can be removed from your site properly. The fees for this are relatively small compared to the large problem they create.

Please give us a call to discuss your concrete demolition project 419-841-5656.